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Snow/ice dam removal. 
Attention Customers
 DEC 16 2019
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Winter can Be a good time to complete your tree projects depending on your particular situation.  To be ready  for the fishing opener and memorial day, Resorts and condo associations should consider this option. Then there is always the mad dash  for new construction as soon as the snow melts.  But we are all stuck  waiting In the spring for the Road weight restrictions to be removed. During the road posted  season we will not be able to get to you until they are removed. So Please call today to avoid  delay.
Snow and Ice  Removal reminder. . In the past  People have allowed too much snow to build up on their roofs  resulting in collapsing roofs and ice water damage. If you keep your roof clean you wont have any  ice buildup.  We can also  open your driveway and push back your snow with our skidsteers. Just call today to see if we can assist you with your projects..  we are  here to assist you. Thanks DAVID. 

We will try to work with our customers to not interfere with summer family gatherings or resorts on busy weekends. However this may be unavoidable If the grounds become to soft for heavy equipment then it will have to dry out again or worse yet have to freeze, our equipment is heavy and  grounds must be firm to minimize damage to lawns.  If the tree/ trees can not be delayed for better conditions. Then the customer can  expect ruts, tracks, dents, etc.   Thank you Dave

Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service              The Blue Hills Bee Company (715)-353- (BEES)-2337 Will also  be available  or honey bee swarm removal. So if honey bees  are present  and I'm available I'd love to come remove them. thank you .To the left  is a photo. ONLY HONEYBEES PLEASE.

                    Service Area Includes
Birchwood - - Barron- Mikana - Rice lake, Exeland - Radisson - Couderay - Winter - Hayward - Stone Lake - Shell Lake - Serona - Spooner - Cameron - Chetek - Weyerhaeuser  - Ladysmith  and surrounding areas.

That Tree Guy  
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Owner Operator
David Smetak
That Tree Guy has over 25 years of experience removing some of the most difficult trees. Specializing in the inaccessible trees that other tree services can not do. We are fully insured for your protection. Safety is our number one concern. No job is ever a rush job. We will provide our customers with many options to try to meet their budget. Tree removal is very dangerous work due to the complex nature of tree decay and special rigging required for our safety. Every tree removal is unique and the price is determined by the level of difficulty and hazards surrounding the area. But rest assured we will give you the best price possible, or I will refer you to one of my competitors who may be able to give you a better price. That's my promise to our customers. Estimates and assessments are always free. And in the near future we plan to expand to meet every customers needs.
tree service climbing   
       Providing all services fro 
Ariel Bucket Truck services
Tree Climbing ArboristBrush chipping
Wood Removal
Skid steer services
Hand climbing
for inaccessible trees
Tree removal Hand climbingStorm clean-up
24 Hr Emergency service
Lot clearing
Tree trimming
Tree Service Truck
Tree cabling
wildlife food plots
snow ice dam removal
snow plowing

That Tree Guy is looking forward to becoming your preferred Tree care specialist. We invite you to watch (at a safe distance), so you can see that tree removal is not simply cutting a tree down. There is an art involved and it takes years of experience to learn how to read each tree differently. Our safety and the safety of your property is of the utmost importance. Everything will be done to assure their safety. No short-cuts and a no rush policy is in place to ensure your satisfaction.
There many options to meet your budget, but the more restraints that are required can drastically effect the final price. We can get in there with white gloves and you wont ever tell we were there except the evidence of footprints and sawdust. Which takes a significant amount of time and can be rather expensive. To just getting the tree on the ground, Which leaves the customer with a large mess to clean up, But is the least expensive. To everything in between. In any case it is entirely up to the customer to choose from the many available options to best fit their budget.
We look forward to your calls and check back for updates and info on tree care and recommendations to keep your trees healthy and protect your property. The tips listed below can save you from unnecessary future expenses. And still provide you with beautiful trees for many generations.
Tip #1
When building new construction or landscaping, have a tree service evaluate the trees (and listen to him). Disturbing tree roots in most cases results in the death of the trees within five years depending on rain. Then the tree is more expensive to remove because of what is now below it that was not there before.  
Tip #2
Remove a tree as soon as it starts showing it is dying. Especially inaccessible trees that have to be climbed. The more decayed they are the more expensive they will be. And you may be stuck with a tree no one will climb and  it will have to fall on it's own. Good luck and pray for a favoring wind.
Tip #3
Don't plant trees under the power lines. The shadow cast by the sun off the power line onto the ground is not a straight edge. It is actually illegal to plant under power lines. Besides depending on the tree the power company will be around every six years to make it look ugly (again). And the power company is required by federal  law to maintain a ten foot clearance, for service and safety.
Tip #4
When building new construction or landscaping, plan ahead. Try to leave access to the rear lot so a tree service can get in. Inaccessible trees are much more expensive then if you plan ahead and leave access to get a bucket truck in. Select low growth trees for rear lot trees and large growth trees where there is not an  accessibility issue.
Tip #4
Insurance. Check your homeowners policy for tree damage coverage. Most carriers cover the tree removal from structures, and  only cover up to $500.00 towards tree debris  removal cost. In the event of a storm and there are multiple trees down it could cost thousands to remove all of the trees. If your
neighbors tree falls onto your property it is your responsibility for all damages. And vice versa. Unless the tree was deemed to be a non viable  or hazardous tree prior to the incident. So if your neighbor has a tree with a high probability of damage to your property please contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible. They will send out an agent to evaluate and document the trees in question. If you also have a dead tree on your property and it falls and damages your property in most cases the insurance carrier can deny your claim. Because the tree had been dead for a long time and you neglected to have it removed. 
Tip #5
Choosing The Right Tree Service
Tree services get backlogged during the summer months and it may be weeks before they can get to you. Especially after a storm in the area. The weather plays a huge factor in our scheduling. So be patient we will get to you as soon as possible. If it has been more than a month please feel free to give us a reminder call. Make sure the tree service you choose is reputable and insured. Ask to see their insurance certificate. Price seems to be the biggest concern to most customers, and it should be fair. Don't Be afraid to get several estimates.Estimates can vary substantially between companies. 
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