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How much dose it cost to remove a tree.

The pricing for tree removal can be very complex. Customers must understand that it is not just cutting a tree down. If it was that simple everyone could do it. We base our prices on how difficult, hazardous and the time, equipment and labor required to get the job completed safely. A tree service provider must see the tree to evaluate all hazards and make an estimation from there.

Hazards we will take into consideration can be :

  • Tree is near a structure
  • Tree is dead or rotten
  • Tree leans or is broken
  • The size and weight of the tree
  • Septic, power lines, property lines, fences etc.
  • Can a bucket truck access, or hand climbing required
  • Other equipment required "skid steer, crane etc.
  • Special rigging
  • slope or incline

Why Hire A Professional

Tree removal is dangerous even for the professional.

Homeowners should NEVER try to remove large dangerous trees themselves. Tree removal is very difficult even with the proper equipment and training. Homeowners do not have the skill, experience and proper safety equipment to tackle large dangerous trees. Even a professional tree service can find himself caught in a seriously dangerous situation.

Below is some links to actual footage of dangerous situations. Some are very graphic and not for the faint at heart. Professional tree services have years of training to be able to calculate the risks involved and to take the proper measures to get the job done safely. It is not worth the chance of permanent injuries. Please hire a reputable service for large dangerous trees.

These videos may also explain why tree removal can seem to be expensive.

Follow these links below.

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